HighOnSkins is the door to the world we have always dreamed of, a world of CS:GO skins without limitations.
It aims to be a global network of servers which allow their players to enjoy each and every skin, allowing them to build their own CS:GO inventory with unlimited choices. You want that sweet Dragon Lore? Those pretty gloves? The fiery Howl? You can have them all! You can easily equip them and use them across all servers in our network.

Players can build their own custom inventories on HighOnSkins. Knives, gloves, weapons. Every single CS:GO skin is available. Go ahead and build your dream inventory!

Our player inventories are available on every CS:GO server that chooses to participate in our network. This can have a powerful network effect. It's our main goal to bring many communities and server operators together, so that players can enjoy their skins across all their favorite servers.

InstaSkins™ is a feature that server owners can enable on their server. It lets players experience live updates for every selected skin. Just join a server with InstaSkins™ enabled and select some skins in your inventory. You will immediately receive them in-game!

HighOnSkins always has the newest skins. We automatically query the Valve servers once an hour to check for updates. If an update has been found, the new skins will be added to the inventory.